The Story of Sand and Sea

There has been, and forever will be, an inherent attraction to the place of sand and surf, the place of romance and memories, the place we know in our hearts and minds as simply “the beach”. Here, on the northeast coast of Barbados, we believe our beaches are among the finest the world has to offer. And, whether you’re staying at Port Ferdinand or Saint Peter’s Bay, all beach amenities and activities are here for you to enjoy.

The Beach at Saint Peter’s Bay

Take a barefoot stroll on the white sands, wade into the crystal Caribbean waters, witness an idyllic sunset and the colours it ignites in the sky and you’ll conclude, as many have, that this is one of the finest beaches in the world.

The Beach at Port Ferdinand

White sands. Crystal Caribbean waters. Colorful sunsets. Beachfront hospitality. Water sport access. Peace. Adventure. Relaxation. It may not be heaven, but it’s as close as we’ll get in this world.

Nikki Beach™ Luxury Beach Club

Famous the world over for its exotic locations, luxury concept and combination of music, dining, entertainment, and art into one, Nikki Beach™ Luxury Beach Club is more than a destination: it’s a state of mind. Its newest location at Port Ferdinand continues its international legacy and stakes its claim as the finest beach club on the island!

Water Sports

Both Port Ferdinand and St. Peter’s Bay offer complimentary paddleboards, kayaks and snorkeling gear, and our knowledgeable instructors are available to help you and your family get the very best out of your adventure together. Motorized watersports including waterskiing, wakeboarding, Big Mable and biscuit rides, wave runners, reef fishing and sailing are also available with the help of your concierge.